This leading global supplier of retail product packaging solutions was experiencing challenges in managing its pipeline, from design through manufacturing to timely customer delivery. Internal resources were limited, and they lacked a mechanism for prioritizing and managing product development. In a deadline-driven environment where everything is “due yesterday”, employees were frustrated by schedule pressure and lack of clarity on process roles and responsibilities.


Needed fresh perspective to assess inefficiencies and develop creative strategies to mitigate them

Align with senior executives to understand guiding principles and ensure that new processes support overall company goals

Manage complex cross-functional roles and responsibilities to ensure clarity of task ownership and accountability


Working backwards from customer delivery, the Percipio team designed a flexible new process for prioritizing the customer’s projects and optimizing their design and manufacturing resources. We then worked alongside key client stakeholders to manage implementation. The new system significantly improved customer response times, with fewer “fire drills”. Clarity was created for employee roles and responsibilities. New governance around pricing and delivery schedules increased both customer satisfaction and profits for the client.

“The Percipio team helped us navigate not only the daunting technical aspects of the project, but also our varied internal roles and personalities. The process was efficient, and the outcome positive!” 
-VP Strategic Initiatives