2022 State of the Firm

Percipio entered 2022 with momentum and optimism. We gathered for an in-person holiday party in early December and that energy has carried through to the new year.  For many of us, this was the first-time meeting outside the confines of a computer screen. Our consultants thrive when they can connect with each other and with our clients. We have found numerous opportunities to do this virtually but there is no substitute for person-to-person connection.  It is refreshing to see our team members starting to come back to the office for internal meetings or just to get a change of scenery. The renewed comradery is being maintained through one-on-one lunches or happy hours with each other as we build connections and share information with our Percipio colleagues.  This momentum has carried into team growth. In the first eight weeks of 2022, we have celebrated 4 promotions and welcomed 3 new team members already this year.

In my last post, I spoke of the quality of our team members, both professionally and personally. The richness of our team continues to grow as we add to our team.  As a culture-driven company, we have been able to add people that appreciate our culture and align with our values but also continue to push us forward.  One of our core values is Encourage Growth – we are continuously working to be better and it has been exciting to see our team actively improving our service offerings, sharing best practices for client delivery and actively building an internal mentorship program to support the career growth at all levels of our organization. The strength of our growing team is evident in the work we continue to book with valued clients and the new clients we have already brought on board this year.  We believe the most effective way to earn new opportunities at clients is to deliver excellent work.  By that measure, 2021 was the best year in the history of the firm.  We delivered work across well over a hundred different projects, added several new clients, were asked to re-engage by several long-time clients and achieved our highest revenue in the history of the firm.  All of this while fighting the headwinds of a global pandemic and in the most complex labor market in recent history. 

It is fitting that Percipio entered 2022 with such great momentum as we approach our 20th anniversary later this year. The growth of the firm is a direct tribute to all the amazing team members we have called “Percipians” along the way. I am thankful to those who have worked so hard to set the foundation that got us where we are today, and I have great expectations for what we can accomplish in the years to come!

Tim Bergler CEO | Percipio Consulting Group, Inc.