Celebrating the Past 20 Years

Reflection and Looking Forward Hitting a big milestone, in our case 20 years in business, causes one to reflect on how we got here. It takes me back to the beginning and how it impacted who we are as a firm today. When I think of the origin of Percipio, I think of flying home… Read more »

Valuing Our Diversity and Individuality

Percipio is built on strong relationships, which stem from valuing each individual for their unique skills and abilities. We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, where everyone is welcomed, appreciated, and ultimately belongs. Unfortunately, we don’t always see those same beliefs valued in the outside world. We’ve seen countless examples of… Read more »

Five Ways Change Management Can Be Agile

During times of increasingly complex change and disruption, organizations are successfully using an Agile approach that allows projects to deliver results more quickly. Agile delivers software and business improvement project work iteratively, working through an entire development lifecycle within each release iteration. At Percipio Group, we believe that change management is critical to Agile success…. Read more »

Six Ways to Enable Organizational Change

At Percipio Group, our clients hire us to be a catalyst for change. We believe change managed well can be incredibly impactful. It can help your business and people shine, help teams adopt better ways of working quickly and well, and elevate organizational change resilience. The path to becoming change resilient, versus change reactive, as… Read more »

Beyond Core Skillset – Attributes for a Dynamic World

Adaptability, patience and awareness sound more like topics you speak of when embarking on a spiritual journey than qualities that every individual should consider as their essential equipment in the workplace. For decades, recruitment and training frameworks have been designed to source or build an individual’s skill set. Skill set is defined as “a specific… Read more »

How do you create self-organizing teams? You don’t. Part 2

It’s not just companies and managers who want self-organizing teams; people doing the work have very similar goals:  Autonomy – the desire for self-direction   Mastery – improvement in areas which matter to us  Purpose – a sense that our work is meaningful.   “There is an ugliness in being paid for work one does not like.”  -Anaïs Nin  Diary1941  Science suggests autonomy, mastery, and purpose are far more effective than incentives for motivation. So if companies, their people, and… Read more »

Building a Better Project Team

You know the feeling. Your project is teetering on the edge of disaster. A run of setbacks has the team struggling, and you’ve just found out that the equipment you need for the next phase will be six weeks late. What happens now? All too often, the result is a mess of disillusionment, finger pointing, and delays. But some teams pull together, find creative solutions, and… Read more »

5 Growth Strategies for Young Consultants

For a young business consultant playing in a field with colleagues and clients who surpass you in age and experience, adding value is one of the biggest challenges. Some 600,000 people in the United States currently work as consultants, but with millennials – the largest generation in the U.S. workforce – just beginning their careers,… Read more »