Our renewable energy client was entering a significant period of growth, but scaling involved a challenging process with increasing risk at each stage. With a lot at stake, their executive team continued to have oversight of the wind and solar site development process. However, they recognized that having their executives hands-on became burdensome as they continued to grow. The CEO engaged Percipio to help with high-level operations strategy to develop a framework that would allow them to scale more efficiently and run multiple projects simultaneously while managing risk.​


  • Dealing with multiple tracks of work that develop at different times and creating a consistent channel for providing progress updates to the executive team​
  • Working with a lot of diverse stakeholder groups with varying objectives across departments in the entire company and having to blend their interests along with third party interests​
  • Getting all functional roles on the same page about the process and the level of depth and information they need

Expertise + Leadership

​Percipio facilitated the design of a new process to build energy sites, from early prospecting for locations, leasing land, testing and permitting, all the way through going live with the sale of power. We implemented “Gated” check points at each stage of site development to manage risk but not overburden it with controls. We helped our client’s executive team understand the key points of risk, critical factors in the process that required their approval and information they needed along the way to hold people accountable. Much of our work centered around change management, clarifying roles and responsibilities to get everyone operating without ambiguity and ensuring managers had tools to communicate.


Our client now has an efficient approach and framework for building new site locations that they continue to use going forward to expand their business. It allows their senior executives to focus on the most critical areas rather than on unnecessary details. The new framework has also given our client a common language to use as they communicate about the development lifecycle across the organization.​