Our client wanted the ability to better manage its 50+ wind farms and solar production facilities across the U.S. To accomplish this, they needed to deploy a proprietary, cutting-edge control and monitoring software and related technologies to their U.S. renewable operations. Percipio was selected to manage the rollout of this centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platform. The stakes were high, as being able to effectively operate and balance wind power across the U.S. markets had the potential to save–or cost–millions of dollars.


  • Scale of project was massive and the SCADA technology was complex.
  • Production sites were diverse, yet standardization was needed for them to work seamlessly with the central SCADA protocols.
  • Regulations and compliance standards varied from regional market to market and state to state.
  • Transition to the new SCADA system had to take place smoothly and without interruption to production.

Expertise + Leadership

A single Percipio Project Manager directed and coordinated the activities of the firm’s technology and operations teams, vendors, integration teams and other stakeholders at the 50+ existing and new locations nationwide, while ensuring that the implementation could meet existing and potential future regulatory requirements, both nationally and regionally. Together, the team placed monitoring and control of the nationwide portfolio of power generation assets under one centralized common operational view.


The rollout was successfully completed on time and on budget. The transition to new technology enabled the company to save $15 million annually in operating costs and charges by more precisely controlling energy output to match projections.

“We were building eight new wind farms a year while transitioning our entire operation to a centralized SCADA platform. Percipio’s Project Managers took us out of chaos, defining and implementing the structures and processes needed to make a smooth transition while keeping overall operations running flawlessly. Their short- and long-term value is incalculable.”

- Director of Power Generation