A global logistics company that relies on its technology to connect customers, factories and suppliers found itself with an unintegrated collection of custom software and off-the-shelf ERP systems assembled over the past decade. Recognizing that its systems had little interactivity and support requirements had grown highly inefficient, the company turned to Percipio to get on the right path and modernize its systems. ​


  • Limited software development experience​
  • Globally distributed business analyst team​
  • Internal frustrations and stakeholders with widely different needs​
  • Aging systems at the end of their lifecycle

Expertise + Leadership

Serving as Agile coach and scrum master, we guided our client’s team through its first Agile process that transformed the company’s software development approach, focusing on the highest priorities including customer needs and responsiveness. Percipio drove the process and demonstrated real progress every two weeks. We helped hire the team comprised of business analysts, software developers and QA specialists. Through retrospectives and continuous improvements, we helped the team become self-managing.


We helped to develop a truly customized product, replacing other ERP systems, that aligned with our client’s unique business and allowed users to work smarter and serve the customer better. The new software system not only offered customers greater value and an elevated experience, it expanded operational capabilities and efficiencies company-wide. The Agile process implemented by Percipio proved so effective that it also served as a catalyst for other teams to adopt the new methodology for internal IT projects, with Percipio’s assistance.

“Demands for business-critical technology continue to grow, and Percipio’s introduction of Agile enabled us to deliver more programs to our customers, both internal and external, without having to increase resources.”

- Chief Information Officer​