Our client grew ambitiously into a $1 billion+ company employing 1,000 people in over 60 countries but had an operational backbone that consisted of five disparate and aging systems with high support costs. Having acquired numerous companies, their systems were not aligned. They desperately needed new, upgraded software and a unifying system, starting with order management and invoicing along with a fresh software development approach. Our client knew Agile offered a unique approach and enlisted Percipio to help guide their team through their first Agile process to develop a customized product that would ultimately serve the customer better.


  • Melding several home grown and aging systems into one reliable system
  • New Agile approach required a major cultural shift
  • Robust feedback and update loops with a diverse group of stakeholders

Expertise + Leadership

Percipio developed a roadmap for helping our client elevate the customer experience and led the team of supply chain business users through two-week sprints to develop a completely new system. We incorporated stakeholder and end-user insights directly into the development of the new software. Feedback was provided by in-field users and internal testers and the living roadmap was reassessed and updated. By adopting a more collaborative approach, they were better able to draw out talent, creativity and enthusiasm from their people. Our Agile methods created a very organic flow that demonstrated value to the customers as well as relayed information back to the business about customer experiences and needs.


Fifty-two sprints later, our client was an Agile advocate. The resulting product not only eliminated the five redundant systems, it expanded operational capabilities and efficiencies company-wide. Adopting Agile techniques had broader implications for our client beyond the software development function into other areas of the business to increase productivity, as they moved away from traditional project management and expanded Agile practices throughout the organization.

“Your impact on this organization will extend far beyond the application you are building. The company now wants to replicate what you have done to build equally successful teams throughout other departments. It has the potential to be transformative for this organization, and will be built on the success that your team has modeled.”

- IT Director