Welcome to the Percipio Blog!

We’ve spent the last 15 years working together with our clients to make them better. We’ve kept our heads down, converting challenge into opportunity, and delivering impact and value for the region’s greatest organizations.

And through it all we’ve stayed relatively quiet.

But after 15 years of individual and collective growth, we recognize that we need to share more proactively with our community of colleagues. We have insights to share, experiences to learn from, and a culture that we hope is contagious.

We decided to organize our posts around the five core values that drive everything we do at Percipio:

1. Client Relationships
2. Growth
3. Accountability
4. Commitment
5. Focus

Conveniently, there are also five days in the work week, so we have paired a value with each day. You can expect to see posts along these lines:

Meet-a-Client Monday: We’ll spotlight some of the amazing clients we work with, sharing success stories and the exciting things they are doing as a company.

Transformation Tuesday: We will share a variety of information on what has helped us grow over the years, both professionally and personally.

Wise-Up Wednesday: On Wednesdays we’ll share industry trends and tips and tricks for delivering results that are smarter, faster and more valuable.

3 C’s Thursdays – Culture, Community, and Commitment: Here our Culture and Community Team will share what they are up to, what we are doing to understand and commit to our company culture, and how we’re staying connected to the Portland area.

Friday Fun: On Fridays we will focus on all the fun and exciting things going on at Percipio, including Employee Spotlights and highlights from employee get-togethers.

This blog is written to inform, inspire and shed some light on what we do and how we work at Percipio. We hope you enjoy it, and that you find the information we share to be useful, or at the very least, entertaining.

Make sure to check out our posts on LinkedIn, and always feel free to reach out to any of us. We would love to connect with you one-on-one as well.



The Percipio Team