Welcoming New Percipians

Like most companies, the past year and a half have presented unexpected and unique challenges for our organization. Navigating unknowns for us and our clients during a global pandemic, remote work, remote school for our families, and the list goes on. One of the things we did not anticipate was the amazing growth of our team and our client engagements. 

Over the past 10 months, Percipio has grown significantly, and we couldn’t be more excited about what these talented professionals contribute to our already strong team and culture.  Our new Percipians exemplify all that it is to be a trusted and valued partner, strengthening our service lines with expertise in supply chain, operations, technology, data and analytics, enterprise risk management, Agile leadership, cybersecurity, and more. Yet, it’s more than that. I’m in awe of the quality of the individuals that make up Percipio. The people on our team bring incredible life experiences and interests that inspire me, and I hope inspire our clients as well.  

We are adding team members from global consulting firms, some of the best Fortune 500 companies, and senior leadership roles at mid-size companies.  We find this out when we interview and hire them, but one thing we don’t always know is how diverse and rich their interests are outside of work.  One tradition that I love is we ask each new team member to introduce themselves via a presentation in our ‘all-hands’ meetings.  It is fascinating to hear what people are passionate about in their own words. 

We learn about people’s career trajectory – one was a rocket scientist, another worked as a high school teacher before joining Microsoft, others have worked all around the world before finding their way to Portland.  We learn about the diversity of talents and interests outside of work – woodworking, artwork, gorgeous costumes for stage performances.  And we learn about their service – like being a foster parent for a total of 15 children, an active public land conservationist, a team member who actively supports Bikers Against Child Abuse, and social justice advocates for many important causes.

This diversity in lived experience strengthens the technical skills that we already possess, and I believe it is evident every day in the work we deliver for our clients.  These interests keep us all engaged, learning, and growing as community members. We are excited to continue to welcome additional new Percipians and to continue to learn more about the fascinating people we already have on board!

Tim Bergler CEO | Percipio Consulting Group, Inc.