Success is a process of continuous improvement. Since 2002, leading organizations have turned to us to define, implement and manage the changes they need to be better, to succeed, and to grow. When you need a competent, experienced and accountable business & management consulting firm;
    Think Percipio.

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    Especially when it is backed by experience and expertise solving any kind of challenge.

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  • Big Doesn’t Always Mean Better

    In consulting, big usually means more. More people. More overhead. More cost. We are a true boutique with exceptional people handpicked for their specific experience and areas of expertise. We’re a cheetah, not an elephant, and we go straight to the core of our clients’ needs.

    Be Better!


    We abhor fluff and pretense, so we go right to the heart of things: Break complex tasks into manageable steps. Define measureable milestones. Build a team with the right mix for optimum efficiency. Closely manage the project.

    Simply put, we roll up our sleeves and do the work.

    How We Work

  • What's Your Change?

    Every client is different, and so are we. Need to plan for growing demand? A new ERP system? A more comprehensive program to manage risk? Or...? Whatever your unique needs, Percipio offers the people, the expertise, and the experience to help you evolve and grow.

    What We Do

  • “No other business consulting firm in our market combines exciting projects, experienced consultants, work-life balance, and the freedom to define your own path like Percipio.”

    Jason Motsko

  • “After years in the ‘big consulting’ world, I greatly appreciate Percipio’s entrepreneurial spirit, strong team environment and exceptionally bright, talented people, all focused on making a real difference for our clients.”

    Matt Waldman

  • “We focus on recruiting the best people, and delivering superior results for our clients. If you do those two things well, the rest falls into place.”

    Willard Shively

  • “It is a privilege to work with a team of people dedicated to delivering more than is expected. We are inspired by the contributions our clients are making within their industries and communities.”

    Sarah Brown

  • “We founded Percipio to be a more effective alternative to the traditional business consulting model, focusing purely on results and eliminating fluff and pretense. Seventeen years later, I’m proud of our track record of hundreds of successful projects.”

    Tim Bergler

Percipio People
A Breed Apart

When you meet us, you will feel the difference. Smart. Experienced. Passionate. Dedicated to the work we do. With drive and commitment fueled by a challenging environment and true work-life balance. When you thrive, so do we.

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What We Do

Operations Improvement

Risk & Controls

Business & Technology Integration

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Percipio Person?

Are you thoughtful, analytical, able to think critically and creatively to find fresh, practical solutions that perplex others? If so, you may be a Percipio person.

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Our name comes from the Latin for “perceive”, “grasp”, “understand”: disciplines at the heart of everything we do as we help our clients evolve, change and grow.

Grow With Us!

Every client is different, and so are we. Need to integrate an acquired company? Add new ERP system? Expand your risk and controls? Or something else entirely? Whatever your unique needs, Percipio is a top business consulting firm that offers the people, the expertise and the experience to help you evolve and grow. We have been offering exceptional business management & consulting services since 2003 and we are only getting better.

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